the Trade show case

The best way to illustrate the value of diamonds as an incentive tool is by way of case studies of how diamonds can be incorporated into new or existing incentive schemes.
We believe that every corporate decision maker will be able to spot one example that can be incorporated in his or her business.

Example 2. The trade show.

One of the leading dental supply companies in the world organized annual weekend events for all the dentists in a particular region or country.
At the event, clowns entertained the children, food & drinks were on the house and the supplier was there to promote his goods.

During the year leading up to the weekend retreat, 2.5% out of every or $ that was spent by the dentists was set aside.
One month before the weekend retreat, 'coins' were sent to the guests, together with a brochure containing a selection of prizes that could be 'bought' with these 'coins'.

During the week-end not only was Diamond House there with a large selection of excellent quality gold and jewellery, but so was Philips, the electronics and appliance manufacturer, with a selection of their domestic appliances.
As much as Diamond House would have enjoyed having all the 'coins' for itself, we think having someone like Philips increases the guest's choices and in the end makes the pie bigger for everyone involved.

Goods purchased at such an event carry a retail value of almost twice as much as the amount that Diamond House will invoice you.


Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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