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Incentive Promotion Programs:
You must choose an objective and make a plan on how to accomplish it.

Promotion tip 5. Gain superiority

We’ve heard it all. “Incentive promotions don’t work in this part of the country” or “we don’t want to become McDonalds”, and the best one of all, “our customers are different, that doesn’t work here”.
The fact is that some people can’t believe that they can get an order any other way than traditional means.
Some companies would rather lose the order than change. For some reason changing the way they do business makes them feel inferior or that somehow they have failed.

Times are changing and some companies refuse to change. These companies are then bought by companies who change them.

With the consolidation of businesses and the worldwide internet access, companies are no longer regional, neither national. There are many who now compete directly with you in your area that never did before. Also, there will be others who may not compete with you regionally, but will grab an order via internet from you when they can.

Sharper competition and open communication on the internet has lead to similar product offerings and price structures - customers see this! This leaves everyone talking about service. Everyone has heard it all about service, so it has lost a lot of its meaning. Customers assume good service. It’s only a factor when it’s bad.

So, with price and product offering being nearly the same and service losing its meaning, what breaks the tie in customers’s minds? What makes your company their first choice? - Incentive promotions.

The companies that offer incentives hold the advantage over their competition.
And, if it is done right it’s not an expense. It’s an investment back into your customer based on “Plus” business or “profit sharing”.

Reinvestment into your customers and increased sales make you feel and look superior!

How? The one answer: Diamonds ...
I am giving you the professional help in designing a corporate diamonds incentive promotion program that will achieve all, above your objectives.


Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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