the Brilliant Souvenir case

The best way to illustrate the value of diamonds as an incentive tool is by way of case studies of how diamonds can be incorporated into new or existing incentive schemes.
We believe that every corporate decision maker will be able to spot one example that can be incorporated in his or her business.

Example 4. A 'Brilliant' souvenir

Our biggest client in the telecom industry donates to every foreign "guest" (prospective client) a souvenir of his or her visit to Europe: a diamond in a beautiful little box with a card inside in the company's colors.
The card is in the shape of a diamond and reads: "There's a brilliant future ahead of you" (total cost to the telecom company: $58 for a stone that wholesales for over $100).

This company has recently arranged with Diamond House for every client of the company who shows up in Antwerp (where Diamond House is headquartered) with this diamond to have it set in a ring, earring, bracelet etc. at no charge to the client!


Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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