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Incentive Promotion Programs:
You must choose an objective and make a plan on how to accomplish it.

Promotion tip 4. Promote the promotion
Not promoting your incentive promotion is probably the single biggest killer of any promotion.

Incentive promotions are only a tool used by companies to help increase sales and profits. Just because they run an incentive promotion, doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to increase their sales and profits.

I advise my clients to have their entire company participate in the support of a promotion. All the way from the president to the delivery driver. Once employees buy into an incentive promotion, so will the customers. This may also include having employees earn incentives for themselves.

Incentive promotions that include employees are always more successful than those that don’t - anywhere from 15% - 25% more! They’re motivated to sell it because they have a stake in it.

Finally, there are more ways for you to be in touch with your customers. Employees are directly involved in some of them. For your incentive promotion to keep going strong you must take advantage of using all ways to promote your promotion.

Make sure your employees are involved in every possible way. Promote your promotion to the fullest.

The one answer: Diamonds ...
I am giving you the professional help in designing a corporate diamonds incentive promotion program that will achieve all, above your objectives.


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