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Incentive Promotion Programs:
You must choose an objective and make a plan on how to accomplish it.

Promotion tip 2. Margins

If one of your customers told you that he’d give you $2,000 more business this month than he gave you last month in exchange for a $80 item, would you do it? What if 100 of your customers said the same thing? Would you accept the $200,000 in extra business for $8,000 in incentives or would you say that 4% is too much margin to give back to the customer?

There are many reasons to offer incentives and only one not to. Most companies have the capacity to easily handle more business at little extra cost. Utilities remain the same, you’re already sending a truck their way and have them on the phone. When you increase the dollar amount of the sale, the cost per transaction goes down!

My clients who extensively track their corporate diamond promotions tell me that margins on customers who earn a diamond as gift are higher than on customers who don’t! The only reason not to offer an incentive is if you have more business than you can handle.

After a profitable promotion, do be assured that you have received the extra business because of it. Don’t think that for the first time in 10 years a January was better than a December, or you sold more of a certain product than you sold before because the business “just happened to be there”. Don’t believe that it was only a coincidence that business was up.
You ran a promotion and achieved your goal.

Successful companies see that the promotion created the success and look for expansion in better promotions.

Incentives ...
when done correctly will increase sales. When sales are written correctly they will increase profits.

How? The one answer: Diamonds ...
I am giving you the professional help in designing a corporate diamonds incentive promotion program that will achieve all, above your objectives.
Rob van Beurden


Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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