the Incentive case

The best way to illustrate the value of diamonds as an incentive tool is by way of case studies of how diamonds can be incorporated into new or existing incentive schemes.
We believe that every corporate decision maker will be able to spot one example that can be incorporated in his or her business.

incentiveExample 1. The incentive tool.

A major french fries corporation in Europe constructed a carton box - the 'teaser'- to be sent to their actual and potential clients one month before the food industry's annual trade show.
The box with their logo on it contained an old fashioned watchmaker's loupe, a little velvet jewel bag with an empty box inside and an invitation to the show.
The invitation read: "We are hoping to start a brilliant new relationship by inviting you to come and see us at our stand # 123, where you will be able to select a small gem to fill the empty box with."
Upon visiting the stand, recipients were allowed to choose a little diamond (company cost $12 per) or a slightly bigger Sapphire or Emerald (same price). At the show prospective and existing clients were able to admire all kinds of colorful jewellery on display at the company's stand.

This was the 'kick-off' that would conclude four months later on Christmas. From the moment, that each recipient received their gem, every order he or she placed was rewarded with a number of 'points' that could be saved and eventually redeemed for a "Brilliant" gift.
Normal french fries were worth one point but other products, such as certain new and soon to be launched products were worth two or even three points! The value of each point should be calculated, based on the percentage each company is willing to spend on its incentive.
Every month the client would receive a newsletter with promotional information about the company as well as a list of each client's 'savings account' balance (this information can also be provided on an individual basis by way of an insert if so desired).

Just before Christmas, all the points were added up and the clients were told their 'score'.
The 'smaller' clients with lower scores were given a diamond in person by the representative of the company (providing the company with a timely opportunity in which to take an order).
The 'larger' clients were paid a personal visit by myself with a well-assorted collection of top grade diamonds, gold and jewellery from which the client could select his incentive reward.

This incentive proved to be so successful and made such a positive impact on the company's actual and potential clients that the following year the company decided to expand the Corporate Diamond incentive scheme throughout its entire European operations.


Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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