the Diamond Cocktail

The best way to illustrate the value of diamonds as an incentive tool is by way of case studies of how diamonds can be incorporated into new or existing incentive schemes.
We believe that every corporate decision maker will be able to spot one example that can be incorporated in his or her business.

The Diamond CocktailExample 5. The Diamond Cocktail

As from 1991 Diamond House has been the host of many occasions where it served the 'Diamond Cocktail'.
A Diamond Cocktail is a glass of champagne in which a little three mm. brilliant cut stone has been put into. Most of them of course are Cubic Zirconia's but according to the clients assignment, there are some that are genuine diamonds.

On the glass is attached a little gold cord with a card that says: 'Let's drink to a sparkling future, but...drink with care. Each glass contains a diamond, or is it a fake?' Upon serving the Diamond Cocktail, each guest has of course been informed about the nature of this event. This to prevent anyone from swallowing the diamond...

riedel 2002 champagne flute

As the evening proceeds and everyone has spoken about the originality of this incentive, one of our experts slowly starts to mingle in the crowd to check each little 'stone' using his diamond loupe. He alone can distinguish a diamond from a Cubic Zirconia's just by using this diamond loupe.

Many so called diamond companies have since copied this idea but none as far as I have heard use this expert technique.
Their way of telling a diamond from a Cubic Zirconia's is to weigh it on a scale (different mass) or the card attached to the glass has been 'signed' discretely ... Anyone can do this.
An idea? Switching cards will not work at my Diamond Cocktail, but it is a nice try to fool the fancy expert!

The expert who finds the real diamond, does not tell in order to keep the suspense going. When through checking each little brilliant, he then announces the winner(s), congratulates them while handing over a document that entitles them to have the diamond set in a simple 18k four prong Tiffany's pendant. Upon appraisal, every contestant receives a little box to hold the diamond or Cubic Zirconia's.

The Diamond Cocktail is an incentive to add something different, something new to a party, an opening, a reception or to a dinner party. For usually the guests are individuals or small groups who have not had the opportunity to meet and this gives them something to start talking about, to break the ice at the usually 'cold' beginning of the evening.

It is not expensive, indicate the number of guests that you expect and I will give you a specified offer.

Have a Brilliant day! Rob van Beurden

Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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