the Award case

The best way to illustrate the value of diamonds as an incentive tool is by way of case studies of how diamonds can be incorporated into new or existing incentive schemes.
We believe that every corporate decision maker will be able to spot one example that can be incorporated in his or her business.

Example 7. The Awards

A loyalty "evergreen" is a 'Years with the Company' Reward.
This incorporates a white or yellow gold pin or brooch with the Company's logo, and set with a Cubic Zirconium to reward one year of employment.
This may be upgraded to a sapphire, an emerald, a ruby and finally after 5, 10 or 25 years of service to the company, a diamond!
This diamond may also grow in size according to the increasing number of years in service.


Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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