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My name is Rob van Beurden, I founded Diamond House in 1987 and I am a Member of the Diamond Bourse.
Corporate diamonds are diamonds that are used as part of a business incentive scheme.
Ever since Diamond House opened its doors in 1987, requests have come in from companies asking me to add a 'sparkle' to their annual incentive programs. It took a while to develop a concept that we could confidently take to the marketplace. But in the end we developed a number of ways to use diamonds in a corporate incentive scheme that turned out to be highly successful.

The best practical way to buy a Diamond is always to follow the 4 C's (color, cut, clarity, carat) and learn as much as you can about the type of Diamond you would like.
Instinct should play a more important role in your purchase and that comes with knowledge.
Rob van Beurden of Diamond House in Antwerp
Interview with Rob Van Beurden
How would you describe the services that you provide?
Basically, I'm a diamond broker for both professionals and diamond-loving-clients. I sell at competitive prices, but do not expect bargains.
You did not inherit that "business" from your family. So how (or why) did you get involved in the diamond world?
By living in Antwerp, I made friends in the diamond industry. This microcosm had a non-tangible facet that attracted me in a sort of irresistible way. And the diamond industry demands more than a commercial interest : it takes passion.
But if all people who are passionate about diamonds would be good at dealing in diamonds, that would surely mean a lot of people…
It is not that easy. It takes passion, but it demands a lot of dedication. Every diamond is a product of nature and is therefore unique. Evaluating the quality of diamonds requires feeling more than knowledge, and that can only be maintained by dealing with diamonds on a daily basis.
So, you were caught by the diamond virus in the crib ! ? !
In fact, it happened much later. I am Dutch, and came to study in Antwerp where I got in contact with the world of diamonds. Indeed, Antwerp is known as the diamond capital of the world. It represents 60% of the world market which itself, is mainly shared by Jewish (40%) and Indians (40%). All that activity used to be centered in Amsterdam, and started to move down to Antwerp in 1935. Many countries are of course trying to attract the diamond business, most actively Switzerland, Monaco, Germany and Israel. But it stays in Antwerp. The city is the only one in the world that still has three diamond schools, where future diamond cutters can learn their art ; this contributes a lot to the reputation which Antwerp has earned for presenting the best craftmanship in the world.
Reputation seems to be a very important criteria in the diamond market…
Indeed, this world is very conservative. Everything is based on mutual trust amongst the members of the International diamond market. The same is true for the final buyer. My motto is "try and buy a diamond from someone you feel good with". Chemistry between buyer and sales is what matters. A good example of that is something that happened in March of 1999 when I gave a lecture at the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. Fourteen people attended and by the time I got back to Antwerp, an e-mail had arrived from one of the participants, ordering a diamond of significant size and quality, although we had never met before. Just by listening to what I had to say, and feeling that trust-inducing chemistry.
And what can you recommend to those who do not happen to know someone like you?
I would just say : "Call me!". I will be happy to come and tell you everything I know about diamonds.
But for those who are too shy to call and who want to be reassured, only two of all diamond laboratories worldwide carry out blind approval : the HRD ( Hoge Raad voor Diamant ) and the GIA ( Gemnological Institute of America ). They certify the quality of polished diamonds. Not all diamonds come with a certificate. Professionals know enough that they don't need it. But anyone buying a diamond who wants an extra guarantee may order a certificate for approximately 150 USD per carat.
When it comes to diamond professionals, you can always inquire about their membership in the diamond exchange. It certifies that they have acquired all the necessary knowledge about diamonds. There are only 1,500 members worldwide, and I'm proud to be one of them. It took me more than seven years, during which my reputation, technical skills and credibility were thoroughly checked.
You referred to a lecture at the British Chamber of Commerce. Are lectures an important part of your activity?
Indeed. Establishing trust is the most important thing. Educating and informing seems to me to be the most efficient way to give potential clients a good way to know me and to know the market. That is also the main purpose of this web site. And I encourage anyone who would like to go beyond the information given here, to contact me.

Unlike other incentive promotions, diamond incentives ARE FOREVER

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